Besondere Rohstoffe, wenn möglich aus biologischem Anbau

verarbeitet von Piolo e Max, in ihrer kleinen triester Genusswerkstatt

Grappa | Liqueurs | Vermouth – handmade

Each of the liqueurs produced by Piolo & Max is a small masterpiece of craftsmanship. Filling is done only manually, with each bottle being given a handwritten label.

With selected ingredients – of the highest quality, of course – if possible organic, some classic and several unusual spirits are produced. This resulted in inclusion in the guide “Il Buon Paese – Presìdi” Artigiani Contadini, published by Slow Food in 2010 and in the guide “Shopping with Slow Food”, published in 2015.

Liquorificio Piolo & Max is a small artisanal company based in the heart of Trieste. They call themselves “drink stylists” and “alchemists” because they know how to mix traditional ingredients expertly and create new flavours.

The sweet ones

Cream liqueurs based on milk – a liquid dessert

The basic products of the liqueurs are low-fat milk, sugar, alcohol, grappa and a little brandy.
The special processing of the natural ingredients gives the products a remarkably creamy consistency, without industrial additives.

Cioccobianca – White chocolate liqueur

A creamy seduction that touches the senses with white chocolate.
17% alcohol

Nocciola – Hazelnut liqueur

Hearty nutty taste from the concentrated energy source of the hazelnut.
17% alcohol

Newtella – Cocoa liqueur

A refined creation with Dutch cocoa, with 22-24% cocoa butter content, refined with gianduja extracts.
17% alcohol

Mou – Caramel liqueur

The addictive taste with the typical roasted aroma.
17% alcohol

Tiramisu liqueur

Irresistible – rounded – opulent.
17% alcohol

Elderberry – Clear liqueur

Deliciously light, with only 15% alcohol. With Prosecco or soda it becomes a refreshing Hugo or elderberry spritz.
15% alcohol

TriesteCaffè liqueur

Creamy – seductive – a taste experience. Made from high-quality espresso, enjoy pure or mixed.

Made from 25% Arabica coffee ristretto, skimmed milk, grappa and hazelnuts. Not too sweet.

17% alcohol

Amaretto – Three Stars

The famous almond liqueur, processed in an extraordinary way to create an intense and at the same time smooth liqueur.
28% alcohol

Awarded 3 stars in the UK at Great Taste – the competition of the Guild of Fine Food – practically the Oscar for food.

The semi-sweet ones

Herbal liqueurs with a stimulating effect

Liquirizia – Liquorice liqueur

A speciality for special lovers, made from a root extract of real liquorice.
21% alcohol

Piolinkomax Bitter

The original version of the traditional Pelinkovac from the Balkans. A combination of Absinthe, Santonegro, Absinthe Maritime and orange zest with a delicate bitterness.
21% alcohol

The tangy and bitter ones

as a digestif after an enjoyable meal

Vermut del Porto Vecchio

Spicy, harmoniously flavoured wine, made from Pinot Blanc and Merlot wines from Friuli Venezia Giulia, with herbs, sugar syrup and caramel. Delicately bitter aftertaste
Enjoy it pure with a slice of orange or lemon and ice. Perfect for an Americano or Negroni.
16.5% alcohol

Grappa Quela Bona

The young grappa, preserved in steel barrels.

The taste is uncomplicated and intense. The distillation of Merlot and Friulano marc from Grave Friuli gives this grappa the characteristics of a truly rustic distillate.
45% alcohol

Grappa Quela Bona invecchiata

The dignified, aged “Morbida”.

Distilled from mixed marc from the Friuli region by the award-winning Distilleria Pagura, which has been transforming marc into grappa in Castions di Zoppola since 1879. It rests in oak for at least 18 months, which gives it smoothness, balance and harmony.
45% alcohol

Ginepro – Juniper grappa

The lightly resinous juniper is not only tasty, it also has many healthy properties such as stimulating digestion, strengthening nerves, neutralising stomach acid, soothing pain …
16.5% alcohol

Genziana – Gentian grappa

The Slovenian yellow gentian is a medicinal plant and has a high concentration of bitter substances. They stimulate the taste buds on the tongue and thus cause more saliva and stomach acid to be produced. In addition, special cells in the stomach are stimulated to secrete the digestive hormone gastrin.

It stimulates the appetite and aids digestion!
16.5% alcohol

Alla Ruta – Rue grappa

The use of rue as a medicinal plant dates back to ancient times. The traditional active ingredient is only added sparingly, as the taste is aromatic but very intense.

The effect is wide-ranging; it calms the liver, stimulates the kidneys and has antispasmodic and digestive effects.
38% alcohol

Axentio – Absinthe

The Axentio owes its mildly bitter taste to the combination of three Absinthe varieties. Unlike the French tradition where it is drunk diluted, the Balkan tradition is to enjoy it pure.
32% alcohol

Amaro herb bitter

The secret recipe comes from the old tradition of Austro-Hungarian medicinal bitters. Hops, gentian, dandelion, eucalyptus, orange zest, wormwood and cinnamon create the perfect balance. Mixed with tonic water, it becomes a uniquely refreshing herbal bitter spritz.

Aids digestion!
40% alcohol