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3 Mal ausgezeichnet 2017 - 2019

Eccellenze Italiane

TriesteCaffè – award-winning craftsmanship from Trieste

Hand-crafted coffee from the “coffee city” of Trieste, famous for its special coffee.

TriesteCaffè produces coffee of a consistently high quality and was awarded the “Eccellenze Italiane” prize in three consecutive years (2017, 2018 and 2019).

No bean is left to chance

The experience of three generations of coffee roasters, coupled with a passion for continuous development, has been used to understand the needs of customers and exceed their expectations.

The artisanal production of TriesteCaffè is based on extensive experience and in-depth knowledge – no bean is left to chance.

The taste and characteristics make the difference

Coffee connoisseurs appreciate the different taste and effects of either 100% Arabica or blends with Robusta, which combine the advantages of both. Neither variety is inferior to the other in terms of quality. Southern Italians in particular appreciate a higher proportion of Robusta in the traditional espresso blend because of its round, fuller body.

Some love the pure Arabica variety – we also have this in our assortment.

100% Arabica
A fine and strong firmness. The slight acidity is reminiscent of the cocoa and dissolves into the aroma of walnut, roasted bread and hazelnut. Without blending, it is the variety to enjoy and relax over.
95% Arabica 5% Robusta
Unbeatable in a cappuccino, thanks to a convincing fullness that leaves an aroma of raisin, redcurrant and cherry in the crema. An aftertaste of coffee ice cream and malt biscuits is easily recognisable.
70% Arabica 30% Robusta
A rich character complemented by a slight acidity. It is reminiscent of the taste of Pandolce, a Genoese yeast pastry, and of dried plums, accompanied by a note of chocolate and raisin. Well-structured and strongly spicy in the cappuccino.
40% Arabica 60% Robusta
Powerful character without the slightest trace of acidity. Recognisable in this blend is the taste of cocoa and roasted cereal with hazelnut and a hint of sweet fruit.
20% Arabica 80% Robusta
Robust full body, persistent in the aftertaste without the slightest trace of acidity. The brittle and hazelnut chocolate is recognisable, as is the hazelnut aroma in the cappuccino.

The characteristics of the coffee varieties


For the connoisseur to relax over

The taste

Typical are the softly fruity and chocolate aromas, a fine restrained acidity and the famous reddish-brown crema on the espresso. Similar to top wines, Single Origin coffees are subject to small variations in taste from year to year.

The degree of roasting determines the intensity of the taste. The lighter the roast, the stronger the fruity taste.

For the wonderful caramel and different roasting aromas that are created during the roasting process, the different mixing ratios with Robusta are decisive.

The effect

The Arabica bean has only half as much caffeine as the Robusta. It is therefore the variety of choice for relaxing in the afternoon or in the evening after dinner.

The caffeine content

Low: 0.8 to 1.5%

The price

The plant grows at altitudes of between 600 and 2300 metres, has demanding growing conditions and a low yield, and is laboriously harvested by hand. Therefore the price is generally higher.


The powerful pick-me-up

The taste

Typical of this variety is the strong taste with a full body and earthy note, with a pleasant bitterness. The aftertaste is also reminiscent of peanuts. The high-quality Italian espresso roast is a taste enhancement for caffeine-rich espresso blends and cappuccino.

The taste profile depends not only on the growing region but also to a large extent on the roasting.

The effect

Due to the higher caffeine content, Robusta is the pick-me-up and therefore blends containing this variety are the right choice for breakfast or at work.

The caffeine content

Low: 1.7 to 3.5%

The price

The plant grows at low altitudes, is insensitive to climatic fluctuations, disease and sunlight and produces a much higher yield than the sensitive Arabica. The harvest is easier and less laborious. Therefore the price is lower, but this does not mean lower quality.

How the top quality of TriesteCaffè is created

Careful selection of suppliers

For an excellent aroma, we select green coffee beans from different regions of the world which have perfect agricultural conditions and highly qualified farmers, so that we can then roast coffee of the highest quality.

Exact selection of the beans

The beans are selected mainly by hand or by machine, which uses a special lens to detect the differences in colour between the beans and to sort out those that are too ripe or fermented.

Exact washing

This complex, long and costly treatment is applied only to the ripe fruit in order to obtain a high-quality raw material. The process intensifies the aromatic notes of the coffee, while at the same time softening its bitterness.

Precise temperatures

The coffee beans for TriesteCaffè are roasted long and gently in three phases, each with individual and closely monitored temperatures. These processes guarantee a product of the highest quality.